the animals

Meet the animals of The Curated Farm!


We strive to raise animals that feed our soil, bodies, and souls!  7/10 acres here are alfalfa hay and we utilize permalculture methods to manage it. The sheep rotational graze during the spring, summer, and early fall which in turn cuts way down on feed costs while their manure feeds the soil and hooves till the ground up. 

Our poultry manage ticks and bugs we don't want around our home as well as provide us with a dozen eggs a day during peak laying season.

The cats have eradicated the vole infestation surrounding our house and our livestock guardian Great Pyrenees keeps predators at bay.

We have raised pigs that tilled up the earth and removed enough deep rooted alfalfa to start a lavender field in the coming year.  We harvested them in the fall and now we have enough meat to feed our family for a year. 

We are so very grateful for each and every animal here and will continue to work each day to give them the very best life here at The Curated Farm.