the homesteaders


We have been a military family for 17 years which has required us to move around the US often. We have lived in Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Alabama, New Mexico, California, and now Washington. Moving so often and exploring new places was exciting but also deepened our desire to plant roots somewhere. 


In 2019 we sold our home in California and headed north to the far Northeastern corner of Washington to pursue our dream of owning land and learning how to homestead. Now as our family begins to transition out of military life, we are focused on learning how to work with the land and animals to grow food and live sustainably.


Trevor is a pilot by day and designated handyman and ranch hand by night here at the farm.  


Kristen is the curator and maker of The Curated Farm and stay-at-home mama to two homeschooling kids. 


We are hoping to build a life here that will teach our kids to be self-sufficient and hard workers with skills they can use on and off the farm, wherever life may take them.